19-Jan-2019Napa, CA+17 milesFree Stuff
We have four piles of wood along the road near our house, bring a truck and a chainsaw. It's OK to park in our driveway or on our bridge while loading the wood, it's not safe to park along the road.
Half box of store bought firewood (druaflame type) and half box of kindleing. Used for one pit fire over the Summer. Enough for one good fireplace or fire pit fire. Was super dry but was outside during recent rain. will still light fine. If interested I will leave on sidewalk. Do NOT respond if you're unsure you can pick up. No flakes please.
Firewood - unseasoned un-split Maple cut to firewood length (about a chord) You pickup in Fairfield CT
Fresh cut wood and premium woodchips delivered on-site and free of charge in the southern Connecticut area. The woodchips are very clean and uniform in shape and size and also free of sticks, etc. The wood is freshly cut (unseasoned) and delivered in 8' lengths. The wood is NOT SPLIT! Please contact me if interested in firewood or chips.
These are perfectly good pallets for warehouse shipping, pallet art "projects", raised to keep dry, hay, firewood, decks, fences, whatever.
26-Feb-2013Vacaville, CA+8 milesFree Stuff
Rebuilt a fence and have 70 ft plus of scrap wood. Has nails but great for firewood. Burns good. U haul. Located in Vacaville off nut tree and Marshall. Contact Lewis at 760 447-5627