21-Aug-2018Napa, CA +17 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: lumber (2x4s, ply, osb, fence boards), roofing panels, concrete piers for animal housing trying to use all or mostly repurposed materials. Used or weathered ok thanks in advance
21-Aug-2018Napa, CA +17 milesItems Wanted
My dryer just went out and I am in need of an electric dryer. Thanks in advance
21-Aug-2018Napa, CA +17 milesItems Wanted
Friends apartment burnt down and family of 3 sleeping in their car. If you have a trailer you no longer want. Pulling trailer or cab over for a short bed truck. Thanks
21-Aug-2018Vacaville, CA +8 milesItems Wanted
mine went kapoot and now just looking for something
20-Aug-2018Napa, CA +17 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a dresser for my sons room. Nothing fancy just efficient. 5 or 6 drawers no more than 38 inches wide
20-Aug-2018Concord, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Hi. I am in need of a 7 binders for my students. Not the huge ones, but small to medium size. Thank you. D.
hoping for a cage that is in good condition, has bar spacing suitable for parakeet but is also roomy. Thanks!
19-Aug-2018Concord, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
New dog family member needs crate. Smaller than Lab, bigger than beagle.
just one that is lightweight and handheld, please. Trying to make my tee shirts look respectable! Thanks!
18-Aug-2018Concord, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Wanted a 2 or 3 step kitchen step or small ladder
A friend is in need of gently used clothing. Her fixed income doesn t allow purchases. Please send excess our way. She runs a pet rescue so needs jeans, sweats, t shirts, work clothes mostly!
18-Aug-2018Concord, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
1 " preferred but 2" OK
17-Aug-2018Napa, CA +17 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I recently moved into an old house that needs lamps to light each room. Do you have an old unused lamp sitting around? I would love to have it! thank you, Aileen
17-Aug-2018Napa, CA +17 milesItems Wanted
Hey y'all! We need a TV to play our N64 games. Does anyone have a TV?
I live in a home with lots of roommates and our washer and dryer broke! We need a new one asap! Thank you....
16-Aug-2018Vallejo, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an old dresser to convert to other uses
16-Aug-2018Antioch, CA +23 milesItems Wanted
My friend cannot get up to let the dogs out anymore. If someone has one they no longer use it would be much appreciated. Thank you ~
16-Aug-2018Concord, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Need a doggie door for sliding doors. Thanks so much.
16-Aug-2018Napa, CA +17 milesItems Wanted
Hello Dear Neighbors, Wondering if you have clipboards you no longer need. looking for those made out of wood with a hole on the metal clip to hang on walls. Thank you in advance!
15-Aug-2018Concord, CA +18 milesItems Wanted
Dear Freecycle, I am in need of Puzzles that are 75 pieces or less, Word Search Books and coloring books. These items would be for a Non-Profit Organization that I work with that works with Seniors and Adults with dementia. We are in despret need of these items for our participants. If you have these items laying around please donate them.
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